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Venusian Retro Ray Gun Prop by buildersstudio Venusian Retro Ray Gun Prop by buildersstudio
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ZAP!!! Go ahead, make my millenium! The closest thing you will find to a "real, live ray gun," like in the old comics, movies, serials, and science fiction stories. These are a part of my "Retro Tech" made out of wood (of all things) series which gives them a cool look and feel -- kind of like an old toy, or a curios piece made my an olde worlde craftsman of a previous century, or maybe even Santa...

I love making these!

A Venusian Spider Pistol. These lovelys are a rarity nowadays and fetch a high price on the alien black market! A red indicator on the back keeps the charge level. Has a good sight. From bygone alien wars these terrible hand guns may be hard to power up nowadays with the lack of glow grubs, but when you do the eight energy guide conduits in the front manipulate the blast puse out of the red tipped barrel. Don't rely on the barrel's small size to calculate the damage as it is only one part of the whole. The damaging ray blasts (which can be set to quick bursts or wave after wave of energy pulses) effect the nervous systems of all known lifeforms! Stun, sleep, como or death are all easily attainable. Little physical damage can be done without major modifications though the electrical and computer damage can be devasting as well! Be careful with this one guys; it IS outlawed afterall!

It's longest dimension is about 7 1/2", with the top, barrel, et al length about 6", and quite "high" for it's size with the grip! A clear hemishphere at the end of the barrel shows underneath the bright red of a laser bean, and a smaller one at the tip if the trigger shows green for safety off and all ready to go.

This is an absolutely brand new and first quality FULL, LIFE SIZE replica or 1:1 scale finished model of a classic, early type era ray gun all ready for display. I hope the pictures fully communicate the charm I am sure you will find in the final product that you will have in your hands. And in some aspects (some individual items more so than others) there is a lightly rustic turn to them, mainly from the wood's nature, as well as the finishes and / or paint job I decide to use; a neat and wonderful combination!

This ray gun is designed by me as an original, then painstakingly put together and made by hand from various woods and wood pieces, occassionally with other bits or materials (generally like 97-99% is wood). I then carefully paint them for any colors, then any metallics are done by a different method(s) -- and I have a couple of tricks as well. Heavy black or other dark shading and undertones help highlight all of the details. And while overall it look's like real tech, still, at times just enough of the wood character (sometimes even the grain itself) shows through which I think adds a special dimension.
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KiteBoy1 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That is one amazing looking ray gun. I have a question about it. For the special effects in firing this weapon, would this weapon fire a constant energy beam or would it fire energy rings, or bursts of energy?
I hope you can answer my question.
Zilabus Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2010  Hobbyist
Looking at all of your different raygun pieces, I'm quite impressed. Maybe it's the backstory, I don't know, but something about this one in paticular is especially attractive to me. You capture the 'retro' ray gun feel well, with some fun twists to keep it interesting.
TheodenN Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2008   Digital Artist
Looks like old chandelier parts glued together to me..
buildersstudio Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2008
Maybe I'm reading you wrong but it sounds like you don't like it? Well in any case it's not. It's wood.
TreLore Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2008
Very beautifully made
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